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Interested in

- Brush marks and how they can be used

  • directionally in planes

  • to create energy and light through transparency

  • to create rhythm throughout the work

  • to create visual and physical texture

- Colour and how it can be used as light

  • how to bring colour as light into my work

- moving away from representation

Three medium sized canvases using oil

Complete by late September

Subject matter?

Project description/ brief summary:

1) Describe the Artwork

What is the body of work? number and size of work, what does it look like, What is the time frame?

2) What is the Concept?

What are you exploring in the work? What are the key concepts? What is the subject matter? Why are you grouping these particular works together? Is the work exploring the formal possibilities of a particular medium, or is it more centered around a certain subject or issue?

Michele Owen

Michele Owen

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