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Landscape Painting Workshop
Fowlers Gap, NSW

16th - 22nd September, 2024

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Northern Italy Painting Workshop

15th - 25th October, 2024



"Mentoring with Nicole has filled a yawning gap for me. I feel supported, encouraged and able to get a much better, clearer perspective on my practice. I am super grateful for this. I now feel able to distance myself from all the pressure to churn, produce compete and be seen. All aspects of the art world that I loathe. I am so excited to feel comfortable taking the time to develop my work without the pressure to produce for the market. I have so many ideas I want to explore. Of course, this is coupled with her knowledge and I really get a lot out of listening to her interaction with the rest of the group as well as the lecture. This is helping me see my work much more clearly as well.


Getting ready for my day, buzzing with excitement, I realise this is all attributable to Nicole's mentoring!


Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Margaret Dix


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