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NG Art Creative Residency

26 International Artists in France
4 MAY l 6 PM

Ancienne Eglise St Laurent. Eygalieres, France


Connexions Silencieuses showcases 26 International artists working in a wide range of media in the charming 12th century Eglise St Laurent in Eygalieres, Provence, South of France, with the generous support of the Municipal Office of Culture (OMC).

"3 rd time lucky, Australian artist in residence Nicole Kelly immersed herself in another 4 week residency at Mas des Pèlerins, (House of Pilgrims), Eygalieres, Provence. This pilgrim chose to work site specifically, and painted a dramatic large scale canvas “to the sky, something lost” that would reign beneath the stained glass windows of the Ancienne Eglise St Laurent in the international exhibition “Connexions Silencieuses”. Poetic and sensual, her work depicts a breathtaking Provençal landscape, the omnipresence of nature, it’s silence and life’s source. A solitary figure emerges, a mirror to herself, searching for meaning within the physical and the metaphysical of the vast terrain before her. The Alpilles mountains majestic reach up to a milky sky in an exquisite melody of plump purples and rose pink hues. Nicole’s painting practice engages with landscape as felt and experienced. It explores the intersections of what is able to be spoken, what is remembered, reactivated and appropriated, all of which determine what may be painted of a place. Alongside this work, sit a collection of vintage tins sourced from the local ‘brocante’ markets. After a long day in the studio, Nicole would meander along the canal, oils in one hand and tin in the other, and work small scale, the tin being the intimate object of her desires, a keepsake, and homage to her love affair with Provence." (Nicky Ginsberg 2009)

Artists exhibiting: Susan O’Doherty (Australia), Nicole Kelly (Australia), Rosalie Duligal (Australia), Lawrence Wallen (Australia), Ko Smith (USA), Cathy Shugg (Australia), Jan Handel (Australia), Sarah Fitzgerald (Australia), Melinda Marshman (Australia), Michelle Le Dain (Australia), Monique de La Riviere (Canada), Louisa Chircop (Australia), Vanessa White (Australia), Koji Tsukada (Japan), Nicole Babjak (Canada), Andi Spark (Australia) Paul Cleveland (Australia), Zachary Craig (Australia), Katya Kan (Kazakstan), Alana Shatkin (USA), Alix Philippe (Belgium), Ann Arora (Australia), Yang En Hume (England), Chris Polunin (England), Anthony White (France), & Antoinette Barbouttis (Australia).

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