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Before you leave

Book your travel insurance with pre-existing illness cover if needed. Make sure it covers emergency evacuation. Travel Insurance should include cover for unforeseen events that might happen while you are traveling and medical evacuations. If necessary, book an appointment to see a doctor before you leave.


If you are concerned about your health or the health of someone you are traveling with please speak with Nicole, Lauren or Ashley



If you take regular medicines, take special care before leaving to make sure that you are properly prepared. Things to do include:

  • Make sure you have enough medicine. Your medicines may not be readily available where we are going. 

  • When carrying medicines, leave them in their original packaging, clearly labeled with your name and the dosage instructions.


All travelers may wish to carry documentation stating basic health information such as vaccination status, blood type and allergies.


If you have a medical condition that may require special attention during travel, you may need to provide a medical certificate. By making us aware of your needs, you will ensure your maximum comfort on your journey.


People who have a pacemaker may be concerned about security checks as pacemakers may be affected by modern screening equipment. If traveling by plane, all travelers with a pacemaker should carry a letter from their doctor and advise the staff at the airport screening area.

Always carry your vaccination record with you, especially your COVID19 vaccination certificate. 

Recognisable identification such as a MedicAlert bracelet may be advisable for those with chronic conditions such as diabetes and for those with potentially dangerous allergies. These types of identification are internationally recognised and will ensure you are diagnosed and treated promptly, as well as overcoming any language difficulties in the event of an emergency.

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