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An offering for the earth

with 1 % for the planet

While celebrating the profundity of the land, my work also considers its sad acquiescence in a time of anthropogenic tenancy. My painting practice commits to:

  • Donate 1% of revenue to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment through a membership to 1% for the planet.

  • Plant trees with Eden Projects.

  • Restoring the homes of Australian wildlife with WWF – Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery fund

Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden projects plants trees back into areas of severe deforestation in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia and Mozambique. The more trees we donate, the more local employment in those areas will grow. Along with a continual decline in global warming and risks of flooding. All of which keeps the planet happy.

Restoring homes of Australian wildlife

With the ambitious goal to double koala numbers along our east coast by 2050 , WWF – Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery fund is working to turn the tide for our koalas and benefit other priority species impacted by the fires by regenerating and protecting key habitat areas to ensure their best chance of survival.

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