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Art Proposal Term 3 from Rebecca Neill

Ideas for this term: 'search and destruction'

Virtual Reality vs Reality - Plein Air vs painting/drawing from screens and photos.

Changing Realities/ change.

Water – Tides – Land edges Eb and Flow. Breath in and out. Air & Sky meeting the horrison.


Circles – and Cycles (inside and outside) - (broken circles disintegrating)

(Cycles of seasons and weather & flora) ( cycles of the tide) ( cycles of the sun and the moon) (day and night)

Possible symbols: spikey round shapes also symbolises the virus - Masks – vaccines – boarder passes – green ticks – construction colours = green light – fluro yellow – pink – orange -

Plan to incorporate mixing together my foundation of formal visual arts training in Painting and my vocation in Painted Finishes. Using expressive painted finishes techniques as emotional meaning backgrounds and symbolism in the foreground / and or shapes / plein air landscapes.

I have circle canvases, I am painting as moons in different cycle phases, and with different colours and base finishes playing with metallic , these are beautiful to play with floating over the images.

Ply boards sealed with shellac, which I like, keeping the natural ground.

I also have a Life size canvas as a finale to paint a self portrait……so do a life drawing sketch self portrait each day….

Artists I look at

Julian Megher

Hellen Frankenthaler

Clarice Beckett


Project description/ brief summary:

1) Describe the Artwork

What is the body of work? 4 weeks inside the 5km circle E, N, W, and 5th week S

number and size of work,

5 ply boards of 48cm x 60.5cm

3 x canvas board 40cm x 50 cm

1 x Ply board 30cm x 40 cm

2 x Ply board 46cm x 61cm

Paper 29cm x 49.5

11 x Round white canvas board 20.4 cm diameter

1 x Round black canvas board 20.4 cm diameter

1 x Round black canvas board 30.4 cm diameter

What does it look like, 'search & destruction

'search the landscape for textures and images and colour references, and work at destruction in the way of looking at temporariness of a moment, mix day and night, dawn and sunset, in way of breaking the need for perfection, connection to land and water and people, document journal any small conversations interactions, perhaps look at making some mono prints and paste them up stick them around my landscape, document them, see if they survive? Week 1 home Centre, Week 2 East, Week 3 North, Week 4 West, Week 5 South.

What is the time frame?

5 weeks

2) What is the Concept?

What are you exploring in the work? Being Contained to a 5km Circle, circling the edges. A Cycle of time and place, Eb and flow of the tides, rise and set of the sun, beginning and end.

What are the key concepts? Colours of the day and night, water and land, and sky.

What is the subject matter? Connection to place, being in the now, finding peace in the now, connection to my identical sister my single buddy who is from the same circle/egg as me.

Why are you grouping these particular works together? It will signify this time in history.

Is the work exploring the formal possibilities of a particular medium, or is it more centred around a certain subject or issue? Medium of painting oil on gold and silver leaf, painted finishes also. Possibly cracked surfaces, signifying fragility with strength.

Rebecca Neill

Rebecca Neill

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