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Proposal for Term 3

1) Body of Work - 4 to 6 paintings of mixed sizes

2) Time Frame - 1 to 2 paintings a week for 4 weeks

3) Concept - This term I have been having some issues with my inner critic which has caused a block with painting. My proposal is to explore the notion of " Search and Destroy" from this week's references. I destroy more than search so would like to experiment with a few different processes to try and achieve more balance between the two. I also hope this will free up my technique and turn down the negative self-talk volume.

The different approaches will be :

I) One or two transcriptions of paintings I like that have similar subject matter to mine. I find this a useful way to loosen up and be less judgemental about the painting.

II) Use drawings I have done to paint from, or draw them in paint, as I am more positive about drawing than painting.

III) Paint one or two more versions of an existing painting that I am not happy with.

4) Subject matter - Local landscapes and interior/ exteriors from my plein-air sketches.



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