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The artwork 4 acrylics on canvas paintings; size 30x30cm 3 works on paper, image size A2


Living in a very special part of NSW – Port Stephens and in particular Shoal Bay and Nelson Bay; I am surrounded by the ocean and all that is related to it. Everywhere I look can see a little painting or the need to capture a certain moment in paint.

Concept for the acrylics on canvas paintings is to capture the local boats. I find that each boat has a purpose and a character this is what I would like to capture. A recording of the vessels that a commonly used in our harbour.

Concept for the the plein air sketches is to capture the mood and light of the environment that I find myself. I am drawn to the afternoon sunsets and the light it throws on the subject, to try to gentle capture these colours.

Each artwork is based on a 2-3 hours session to complete (with the plein air work, I normally take 2 hours to finish a work as I find the colours and shadows change so quickly; yet I want to try and slow down and think and feel more of the artwork; hence mentioning the 3 hours)

A little exhibition can be created by these works in the local co-op gallery I am involved with.

Hi Nicole

professional practice development is an area of interest.

and to go over documents like artist statement, CV, websites etc you mentioned art awards etc this seems to be nerve racking, I presume you just have to have a go.

  1. We define emerging artists as:

  • Not represented by a major commercial gallery

  • Artists may have exhibited casually with smaller commercial galleries

  • If you have exhibited regularly with commercial galleries, please list them below. NB. Classification as emerging will be at the committee’s discretion.

and notes like this worry me??????????


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