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Proposal/aim for my term 3 body of work:

My body of work as yet doesn’t have a title, but is based on the town of Barbentane in France where I spent a month in 2019. It will be pulled together as my first solo exhibition in a small gallery in Adelaide in November this year, and will be made up of 20+ oil paintings of various sizes from 20x25cm to 60x45cm (with several sizes in between) and on various supports – canvas, canvas board, and wood panel. There will also be some works on paper – sketches, more developed drawings, and watercolours… and now perhaps some monotypes.

I want to complete 3 more paintings as well as works on paper.

Through the act of painting memories are reinvigorated, some sharp and detailed, others more transient and fleeting. Recording moments of a period of time in a particular place is almost like a series of stage sets, exploring the memory and experience of being there and the wider experience of the history of the house and the surrounds. My work is not populated by people but by memories, attitudes and emotions

Jan Finlayson

Jan Finlayson

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