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Janet was always creative from young, winning inter-school art competitions and having them displayed at the local art gallery in NZ. During her working years, creativity was channelled differently but she knew that one day when she retired, she would return to art. Since retirement 7 years ago, she has been painting and pursuing her original love. Mostly self taught, finding her style and discovering what she enjoys! Studied at art schools and many workshops, now pursuing this passion with gusto!

Inspired by local Australian artists, teachers and mentors viz. Idris Murphy, Gabrielle Jones, Richard Claremont and Ashley Frost to name a few.

Janet sees colours in everything. Her paintings are about colours - Vibrancy, boldness and evoking one’s senses! She draws inspiration from her love of travel, observing how local people live, their markets, exotic aromas and sounds , and most of all the colours of life! A recent trip to Central Australia has developed a heightened expression of natural colours and textures in her work.



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