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Term 4 Bio

Brett Mallon is an Australian artist living and practicing on Sinixt, Ktuanaxa, Swepemec and Sylixt territories in British Columbia, Canada. His work is derived from day-to-day thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories, which are collected and then dispersed through his paintings, prints and sculptures in a spontaneous and intuitive way. Mallon's work is an intimate conversation between himself and his materials; an abstracted representation of the environment he interacts with.

Term 3 project -

In the past I have struggled to feel that my abstract painting had any substance or meaning. After painting 'night painting' in Nicole Kelly's program I can see the importance that memory and emotion played in the process of the paintings creation. Noticing this has made me think that the personal story held in a finished painting can be all the meaning one needs. Therefore, I will use this project to explore my personal relationship to abstract painting. Through observing and documenting memories, thoughts, feelings and emotions that arise during the creation of an artwork, I will explore the idea that the process of painting is a transformative one. One that turns an observational drawing or painting into an artwork, one that resembles a person's internal experience of lived life.

Brett Mallon

Brett Mallon

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